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JJRC X21 - mini drone with 4K,...

JJRC X21 - mini drone with 4K, obstacle avoidance sensor, follow me & FPV

5 Reviews

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JJRC X21 mini drone offers great value for little money

The JJRC X21 is the renowned JJRC drone manufacturer's latest 2022 mini drone under 250 grams. The JJRC X21 is in many ways the perfect beginner and hobby drone, which offers the latest drone technology and everything you need to get started with drone flying, at a price most people can afford. JJRC X21 offers, among other things a 4K Sony IMX179 camera (still images) and full HD 1080P/30fps video, follow me, waypoints and, as something quite groundbreaking in this price range, obstacle sensors can also be purchased. Obstacle sensors have usually been reserved for larger and more expensive drones in the price range over DKK 7,000, such as the Autel EVO Nano+ Plus mini drone and the DJI Mavic Air 2. This technology is now available together with the new JJRC X21 (can be purchased during your choice of model) for only 1/4 of what this normally costs to get this technology.

The JJRC X21 also comes with GPS, which ensures stable and precise flight and which at the same time makes the popular flight functions follow me and waypoints possible via the free app. With follow me, the drone can automatically follow and film you and with waypoints you can draw a route via the app that the drone will automatically follow and film. The drone is compact and foldable which makes it ideal to take with you on holiday or on the go and can be flown by both beginner pilots and experienced pilots. In addition, the drone weighs less than 250 grams, which categorizes the drone as a mini drone, which means it has more relaxed rules, can fly in more places and does not require liability insurance like larger drones over 250 grams.

With the JJRC X21 you get, among other things:

  • Sony IMX179 sensor

  • 4K and 1080P/30fps camera

  • Foldable and compact mini drone of only 166 grams

  • Laser obstacle sensors (can be purchased additionally when choosing a package solution, not included in the standard package)

  • Follow me (the drone can automatically follow and film you

  • Long battery life of up to 20 minutes/battery

  • Brushless motors with strong wind resistance

  • GPS

  • Gesture control

  • Waypoints

  • Night light

  • Optical flow

  • Automatically returns when pressed, low battery or if the drone is out of control

Adjustable dual 4K/1080P Sony IMX179 camera

JJRC X21 comes with a Sony IMX179 camera that ensures you sharp images in 4K and video in full HD/1080P/30fps. The camera is also automatically adjusted 90 degrees up or down as needed so you get exactly the right shots in the box at exactly the right angle. In addition, there is also an additional optical flow camera at the bottom of the drone which makes it possible to change perspective and gives you more options.

Mini drone under 250 grams with strong wind resistance

The JJRC X21 weighs less than 250 grams, which legally categorizes the drone as a "micro-drone", which means that it has more relaxed regulations, can fly in more places and does not require liability insurance like larger and more expensive drones. This, combined with the drone's foldable and compact design, also makes the drone ideal for taking with you on holiday or on the go as the international regulations in, among other things, The EU and USA all part ways at the 250 gram limit, after which more restrictive rules apply in the individual countries.

Laser obstacle sensors

The JJRC X21 is also compatible with laser obstacle sensors, which automatically detect and avoid obstacles in the drone's flight path. Obstacle sensors are not included in the standard package but can be purchased as an additional package when you order your desired JJRC X21 package at the top of the product description. With obstacle sensors, you minimize the possibility of unpleasant crashes and accidents with the drone and is usually an option that is only available for our drones at a price of DKK +7,000. The sensors work front, left, right and behind.

Powerful brushless motors with strong wind resistance

The JJRC X21 is equipped with brushless motors, which makes the drone more efficient than similar drones in the same price range that usually come with brushed motors. Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed DC motors are around 75-80% efficient. This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the engine is converted into rotational power and less is lost as heat. You therefore get a drone with more efficient motors and more durable than other drones in the same price range that are usually equipped with brushed motors. Wind resistance is indicated by JJRC up to level 5 on the Beaufort scale.

Intelligent follow me (the drone can follow and film you automatically)

The drone comes with a lot of useful features such as the popular follow me function, which means that the drone can automatically follow and film you and your best moments.

Waypoints (mark a route the drone must follow and film automatically)

In addition to follow me, the drone comes with i.a. also with other functions such as "Waypoints", which means that you can draw a predetermined route, the drone must automatically fly and film completely automatically.

Automatic return with "One key" return "Low battery" return and "Out of control" return

The JJRC X21 has several different automatic return options. The drone can automatically return by pressing a single button, also called "One key return", or when the drone is low on battery or out of control.

Gesture Control - Automatically shoot photos with your hand gestures

When the drone is in motion, it is also possible to shoot automatic images, simply by using certain hand movements in front of the camera. This feature is also called "Gesture Control".

LED night light

The JJRC X21 is equipped with front and rear LED night lights, which make the drone easy to detect and colorful in low light conditions.

Modular battery with long flight time

The JJRC X21 comes with a powerful 7.4V 2800mAh modular battery, which ensures you a long flight time of up to 20 minutes per charged battery (under optimal conditions).

This is included in the various package solutions:



Standardpakke + Ekstra batteri

Startpakke med forhindringssensorer

JJRC X21 drone









1 stk.



Laser avoidance sensor

Not included

Not included










USB charging cable




Storage bag




User manual in English





Brand Name: JJRC

Item no.: X21

Colour Black

Material: Plastic, metal, electronic components

Frequency: 2.4G

Channel: 4CH

Gyro: 6-axis

Motor: 1503 Brushless Motor

Propeller Size: 5 inch collapsible props

Wheelbase: 200 mm

Battery: 7.4V 2800mAh Lithium (included)

Remote control battery: 2 * 1.5V AA battery (NOT included)

Charging time: 120-180 minutes

Flight time: 18-20 minutes

Range: Approx. 500m

Camera: True 4K ESC HD + Optical Flow Buttom Camera

FOV: 120° wide angle

FPV: 5G Wi-Fi

Camera Pixel: 1920*1080

FPV Pixel: 1080P/30fps

FPV distance: Approx. 500m

Drone size: 14.8x11x5.5cm (foldable), 33.5x33.5x5.5cm (foldable)

Weight of the drone: 165.4g

Storage bag Size: 30x22x10cm

5 Reviews

Fedt med forhindringssensor
Lækker drone og et stort plus den kan købes med forhindringssensor som jeg allerede nu har fået stor gavn og glæde af. Alt i at et rigtig godt køb. 5/5 herfra.

God kvalitet og hurtig levering
Helt klart en bedre drone end de andre modeller jeg har prøvet i samme prisklasse så som eks. E58 og Ryze Tello. Et stort plus at denne drone har forhindringssensor. Lynhurtig leveret af Droneland.dk

Super drone og god service!
Har købt denne før-julegave til min yngre søn og han har fløjet med droner før men denne giver utrolig meget værdi til prisen. Tak for god og hurtig service!

Super begynder drone
Jeg er yderst tilfreds med mit køb og den hurtige og gode service fra Droneland.dk

Stor værdi for små penge kan klart anbefales!
Jeg er som nybegynder indenfor droneflyvning meget glad for min nye X21. Den skyder tilfredsstillende fotos og video, flyver stabilt og så er det virkelig smart at den også kan købes med forhindringssensor. Tak for hurtig levering og god service af Droneland.dk

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