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Starter package with JJRC X16 (6K /...

Starter package with JJRC X16 (6K / 1080P) foldable GPS micro drone with 6K camera, brushless motors, follow me + free bag

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JJRC X16 (6K / 1080P) foldable GPS mini drone

NOTE: This starter kit includes an extra battery + free storage case for JJRC X16.

JJRC X16 is JJRC's latest foldable micro drone and comes i.a. with a 6K / 1080P camera, GPS / GLONASS, zoom, brushless motors, as well as intelligent follow me (the drone can follow and film you) and waypoints (the drone flies automatically planned route). In addition, the drone is very light and weighs only 197 grams, which means you do not need drone signs outside urban areas. The drone can be easily controlled by both beginners and experienced drone pilots, as it also comes with "headless mode", which makes control playfully easy so you can concentrate on getting the right pictures and video in the box. With the JJRC X16, you do not have to worry about running out of battery quickly, as the drone comes with a 7.6V 1450mAh battery which gives you up to a full 25 minutes of flight time.

With the JJRC X16, you get one of the best drones on the market in its price range, which is packed with features that until now have only been reserved for drones in more expensive price ranges. The JJRC X16 also comes with a nice remote control with built-in screen and a nice storage bag.

JJRC X16 drone med 6K kamera

With JJRC X16 you get:

✔ 6K / 1080P camera

✔ GPS / GLONASS double mode

✔ 25 minutes flight time

✔ Zoom function

✔ Foldable and transportable

✔ Intelligent follow me

✔ Waypoints

✔ Brushless motors

✔ Real-time image transmission

✔ Beginner / Practice mode

✔ Zoom function

✔ Gesture management of images

. Weighs only 197 grams

✔ 500 meters range

✔ Headless mode

✔ Optical flow positioning

✔ 5G wifi picture transmission

✔ Optical flow positioning

✔ Storage bag

JJRC X16 mikro drone med 6K kamera og GPS

6K camera and zoom function

The new JJRC X16 revolutionizes the mini drone class, as it comes with a razor-sharp 6K camera that shoots crystal clear still images in up to 13MP and video in 1080P! The camera shoots images in up to 4800 * 2700 which provides beautiful images with a high level of detail. In addition, the drone also comes with a zoom function so you can get shots in even greater detail.

This is revolutionary for a drone in this price range, as one usually has to go up in larger and more expensive drone classes to get similar specifications.

JJRC X16 mini drone med 6K og GPS

Brushless motors

The JJRC X16 is equipped with brushless motors, which makes the drone more efficient than similar drones in the same price range that usually come with brushed motors.

Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed DC motors are about 75-80% efficient.

This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the engine is converted into rotational power and less is lost as heat. You therefore get a drone with more efficient engines as well as more durable than other drones in the same price range that are usually equipped with brushed engines.

GPS + GLONASS positioning

The JJRC X16 comes with GPS + GLONASS positioning which makes the drone's flight skills very accurate and ensures a smooth and stable flight.

Long flight time of 25 minutes

The JJRC X16 comes with a powerful 7.6V 1450mAh battery which gives the drone lots of power and strength and a long flight time of up to 25 minutes / battery. We always recommend extra batteries so you have plenty of flying time to get the right shots in the box.

JJRC X16 mini drone med 6K kamera

Foldable mini drone

The JJRC X16 is collapsible and can be easily transported on holiday or on the go when you need to shoot the best moments of your life.

Intelligent follow me (the drone can follow and film you automatically)

The drone comes with a lot of useful features such as the popular follow me function, which means that the drone can automatically follow and film you and your best moments.

Waypoints (draw a route the drone must follow and film automatically)

In addition to follow me, the drone will, among other things. also with other features such as "waypoints", which means you can draw a predetermined route the drone should automatically fly and film completely automatically.

Weighs only 197 grams and does not require drone signs

The JJRC X16 is both small and powerful and weighs only 197 grams! This legally means that the drone is categorized as a "micro-drone" and it therefore does not require drone signs outside urban areas, where this limit is 250 grams. In addition, this rule also applies in many other countries abroad, including in the EU, which means that you can easily and conveniently take the drone with you on holiday and travel without having to worry about the legalities abroad (there may be exceptions in some countries) .

Beginner and Practiced mode

With the JJRC X16, you can set the drone to either "beginner" or "practice" mode, making the drone useful for both beginner pilots as well as for more experienced drone pilots.

Headless mode

Headless Mode is a built-in ability for a drone to remember the direction it started with.

With Headless Mode, no matter what direction your drone is in the air, if you press LEFT on your transmitter, it will also move to LEFT relative to YOUR point of view. It's your direction, not the drone's direction, that matters. This is really useful for beginner pilots, for example.

This means you can focus less on your drone's orientation and instead pay more attention to taking better photos and videos. This is especially important for beginners who may be facing major challenges trying to adapt to the orientation of their drones.

Thus, the Headless Mode mode practically eliminates 'orientation confusion' and prevents you from flying to the left when you would fly to the right due to the controls being turned!

Gesture control of images

The JJRC X16 also comes with Gesture control of images, which means that you can shoot images and photos from the air quickly and easily via simple hand movements. In this way, you need to concentrate less on controlling the drone itself so that you can focus on getting the right images in the box.

Free storage bag

This package also includes a nice storage bag so you can easily store and transport the JJRC X16 with you on holiday or on the go.

Opbevaringstaske til JJRC X16 mini drone med 6K kamera

The package includes:

1 x JJRC X16 drone

1 x remote control with built-in screen

2 x 7.6V 1450mAh battery

1 x Storage bag

4 x Propeller

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Screwdriver

8 x Screws

1 x User manual in English

1 x WIFI Manual


JJRC X16 RC Quadcopter Size 27.5x27.8x6.2cm(Unfoldable)   16x10.5x6.2cm(Foldable)
Weight About 197g
Motor 120m Brushless Motor
Maximum Remote Control Distance 500m
Max Flying Time 25mins
Max Flying Speed 7m/s
Max Flying Altitude 120m
Max Ascent Speed 5m/s
GPS Following Distance  5-20m
Gesture Shooting Distance About 2m
Working Frequency  2.4GHz
Positioning GPS
Propeller Size 5.8CM*1.5CM
Max Remote Control Phone Clip Size 170mm*90mm*10mm
Camera Camera 5G WiFi 6K HD Wide Angle  Camera
View Angle 120°
Camera Rotation  Rotate the camera manually
Resolution 6K: 4800*2700
Frame Rate
 25 fps
Image Transmission Distance 500m
Photo Resolution 4800*2700
Video Resolution
Image Following Distance 1-5m
Battery Capacity 1450 mAh
 Voltage 7.6V 
Charging Time 200mins
Remote Control Operating Frequency  2.4GHz
Maximum R/C Distance 500M
Battery 3* AAA Battery(Not included)
Mode Mode 2(Left Hand Throttle)























3 Reviews

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Bedre end forventet og til en rigtig god pris

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