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Start your own niche in drone light shows with our Fylo EDU drone light show set

Are you a trained drone pilot today? - Then get ready to offer your customers the best and safest show available - a drone light show where drone swarms fly in formation and perform spectacular light shows for the spectators.

Since the SuperBowl in the US, the Winter Olympics in South Korea, and several shows for major events, these massive drone shows have garnered public attention. Intel has become a worldwide standard with their Shooting Stars drone fleet, and is rightly proud of the drone light shows that have helped spread the word about drone shows to the public. In addition, drone shows are also environmentally friendly and do not emit heavy metals as with fireworks and do not lead to any fireworks damage.

Fylo's educational drone kit, called the Fylo EDU, is a perfect platform: not only to introduce students to programmable drones, but also as a great structural unit for creating breathtaking light performances and drone light shows.

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