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The following sales and delivery terms apply to all deliveries from Droneland.dk (owned by DT Trading International) - Hereafter just called Droneland.dk.


We are subject to errors in the stated prices. All the quoted prices are inclusive of VAT. Droneland.dk can change the prices given at any time, if necessary.

Delivery of products

When ordering, the order will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Except here are goods where it is stated that it is an order item with a longer delivery time. Normal delivery time to addresses in Denmark is 1-2 business days after ordering. All items are shipped with Post Danmark or GLS Packing shop. All items are delivered as long as stock is available. Timely delivery requires Post Danmark to comply with the delivery agreement in 1-2 business days. In case of late delays at Post Danmark, this will correspondingly delay delivery in relation to the desired delivery date.

Shipping and shipping

We strive to deliver our products to our customers in 1-2 business days. All orders made before 14.00 will be sent the same day. This applies to both business and private addresses. We ship packages to all of Europe.

Sold goods and discontinued goods

However, reservations are made for sold and delayed goods. In this case, delivery time may vary greatly depending on the specific product. Often it will be on the product when we get it back in stock.


In this shop you can order your items online and pay with Visa cards, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express and Paypal. In addition, we also offer payment with ViaBill, which allows payments in installments. The money is deducted when the item is shipped.

Missing in package

If the contents of the package do not match the accompanying invoice, you must advertise within a reasonable time. If not, the right to object to defective or erroneous delivery is forfeited. Contact customer service at: info@droneland.dk.



Typically, the manuals for the products at Droneland.dk will be in English. However, it is not always accompanied by manuals. This is not something we can guarantee, as it is not Droneland.dk, which produces the products in the webshop.

Right of cancellation and refund of your money

14 days return is granted on unopened packages.


There is a 12 month warranty on DJI drones and 6 months on batteries. However, it is a prerequisite that these deficiencies have not arisen as a result of improper use of the product or other harmful behavior. You must advertise within a reasonable period of time, which means within two months after you have identified the defect.

Damage and error during flight
Most errors occurring during flight are caused by pilot errors. To avoid the most known pilot errors, we recommend that you get into the equipment before use. Droneland.dk does not cover loss or damage to own equipment, people, animals, 3rd man or similar, arising in connection with flight and / or controlled.

Droneland.dk recommends that you take out liability insurance on your drone. As an individual, this can typically be done for approx. DKK 600, - / year in the model club. As a trader this can typically be done for approx. DKK 2,000, - / year at insurance companies specializing in aviation insurance.

Individual information

Droneland.dk is responsible for handling the personal information provided by our customers. We treat all customer personal information strictly confidential. The information is stored for 5 years in accordance with the legislation. We follow the Personal Data Act, which means that you have the right to gain insight into the information we have about you as a customer at all times. Personal information is kept unencrypted. You can access the information by sending an email to our customer service (info@droneland.dk). Only persons associated with Droneland.dk have access to this data. (your orders, as well as which addresses you could have ordered goods to)


At Droneland.dk we use Google Analytics. Therefore, when you visit Droneland.dk, a cookie will be stored on your computer that collects information about the user behavior on our website. Including what sources visitors come from, the number of visitors and so on. We only use Google Analytics to gain insights into user preferences to increase user-friendliness in our webshop. Google Analytics does not allow the collection of personal information such as name, email address, etc.


All entries must be made online via our website Droneland.dk
Your registration is not valid until you have paid the nominal training fee and your registration has been confirmed by us.
Any registration may be rejected if it does not comply with the course profile and / or admission requirements. These criteria are stated in the individual course description. It is your own responsibility if you meet the admission requirements and experience requirements for the education

Return and refund policy

Orders can be returned within 14 days after receival as long as the package is unopened. When we receive the product back- a full refund will be made to your card or PayPal account depending on your payment method.


The education fee is stated in the individual course description. The price covers the costs of the program itself, including catering, theory and possibly. practical test. Additional expenses that may be expected: Fees to the Danish Ministry of Transport and Construction for the issue of dronebevis, possibly. recognition of merit, etc. and possibly. hire equipment for the practical test.
In order for your registration to be valid, you must pay the specified education fee upon registration. Unless otherwise stated, it will not be possible to attend the program before the payment is completed.
All transaction costs associated with payment must be covered by the participant himself.
Payment for the education is deducted from the specified payment card immediately after registration.

Cancellation of registration

If you are prevented from attending an education, please send us a written cancellation at info@droneland.dk as soon as possible.
Educational fees are not refunded upon cancellation and the purchase can not be canceled, as the registration has given access to the electronic training folder and reserved space at a specified time.
In case of cancellation no later than 14 days before the start of the training, we can instead offer you to join the next available team. Alternatively, the purchased education can be transferred to another participant you find and meet the admission requirements. If canceled later than 14 days before the start of education, we can not assume we can find another room for you and seats can not be transferred.
If, after training, you are prevented from completing your education, for whatever reason, you will not be refunded your education fee.

Cancellation of education

Droneland.dk has the right to cancel a course of education, eg by illness or in case of insufficient registration, up to 2 days before the start of education. In case of such cancellations, all registered persons will be contacted as soon as possible and, if possible, offer alternative training dates. If this is not possible, the full education fee will be refunded. No other compensation is paid.
For other unforeseen reasons for cancellation, all registered persons will be contacted as soon as possible and, if possible, offered alternative training opportunities. If this is not possible, the full education fee will be refunded. No other compensation is paid.

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