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Authorized reseller of humanoid Robots, cleaning Robots, robots for teaching, robotic toys, smart home - & smart health products

Humanoid robots from Ubtech Robotics is also authorized dealer of the market's leading social interactive family robot known under the nickname Alpha 1 Pro from Ubtech Robotics.

Alpha 1 Pro is the official robot sponsor of the Manchester City football club

The market and development of robots and artificial intelligence are in rapid development and our social interactive family robots are among the world's leading robots in the retail market. Alpha 1 Pro is also the football club Manchester City's official robot sponsor and Alpha 1 Pro are also used to warm up the fans at Etihad Stadium before their favorite club goes on the pitch. Also see the Alpha 1 Pro warm fans up by clicking on the video below:

For example, our social interactive robots can be programmed and have a wealth of functionalities and features to help the family through a more easy and friction-free everyday life.

Cleaning robots and robot vacuum cleaners from iRobot, LG, CecoClean & Rumbot

Leave the vacuum cleaning to one of our robot vacuum cleaners and spend time on things that really matter to you, such as family and friends, or grow your hobbies. Simply put the robot vacuum cleaner on and let it navigate around the home and do all the hard work for you. For example, through advanced built-in sensors, the Cecoclean robots avoid obstacles and ensure that dust and dirt are dusted in your home.

Jimu learning robots from Ubech leads the development of STEM learning robots for educational purposes

Jimu is a new groundbreaking learning robot for children (+8 years) that allows the child to develop its creativity, learning curve and collaborative skills at the highest level. The Jimu toy robot combines building blocks and a robotics technology in one and same product. With Jimu you can program your very own robot and the Jimu Toy Robot gives your youngest brand new skills and mindset within robots that are expected to be a huge growth market in the coming years.

Smart Home

We are now introducing Netatmos revolutionary camera with built-in facial recognition. Netatmo Welcome is a smart camera that comes with auto facial recognition and is perfect for the smart intelligent home. Netatmo comes in a stylish and stylish design and fits into any home. Netatmo Welcome camera automatically recognizes faces and informs you through the provided app. Netatmo Welcome Camera also informs you about unknown faces and will therefore notify you when any uninvited guests are in your home and you will be able to respond promptly to this information.

About Smart Home and the Intelligent Home

Products within what is popularly called "Smart home" are in rapid growth. Smart home is a term for the intelligent home. Smart home is often controlled via the Internet and an app, and in this section you will find intelligent products for the modern home that help make everyday life easier and more smooth. Among other things, we offer smart lighting with our Aurora series, which adapts to the weather and can be controlled by voice control.

One Smart Diet revolutionizes the way we measure our own health

One Smart Diet is a new, small, innovative, portable and portable unit of measurement that is used to measure inter alia BMI and body fat through 4 contact electrodes with BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), which measure a variety of health factors such as BMI and fat percentage. One Smart Diet, can be used for smart phones that have Android OS 4.3 or later operating systems.

Secure your home with our intelligent smart lock to the intelligent "Smart Home"

Friday Lock Smart Lock, a new revolutionary smart lock, also called Smart Lock, designed by Bjarke Ingels. Friday Lock revolutionizes being one of the market's smallest and most compatible smart locks. In addition, Friday Lock as one of the few smart locks is also compatible with Apple Homekit.

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Fast delivery is one of our top priority factors, as it is an important parameter in increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer fast delivery within 3-5 business days (Monday-Friday) on all Ubtech robots to all of Europe. Some robot vacuum cleaners can have a delivery time of 5-8 days depending on the item. It is always stated in the product description what the delivery time is on the individual product.

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