Drone types
  • Hobby drones

    Hobby drones with camera for aerial photography and video, FPV flight and underwater videos

    In this section you will find a wide selection of hobby drones with camera and beginner drones for the less experienced drone pilot. The drones are perfect for those who want to get started with drone flying in a cheap and easy way. We offer fast delivery on all hobby drones and beginner drones with camera within 3-5 business days.

  • Professional Drones

    Professional drones for cinematography, thermal inspection, underwater inspection and 3D modeling

    We offer a number of the market's most popular professional drones, within a wide range of applications. Are the purpose cinematography and aerial photos, we offer a large selection of quality drones from DJI, Parrot, Walkera, Power Vision and many more.

  • Racing Drones

    Drone race is becoming more and more popular and widely used by drone enthusiasts. In this section you will find the market's most excellent FPV racing drones with camera such as the new Furious 215 from Walkera that comes with a top speed of up to 160 km/h !

  • Selfie Drones

    Capture the perfect moment, anytime and anywhere with a mini selfie drone with camera

    Selfie drones with camera are small mini drones that are easy to transport on holiday and are made specifically for the purpose of taking selfies when on vacation or on the go. We offer a number of the market's most popular selfie drones with camera such as the DJI Spark series, Baby Elfie selfie drone, Dobby or Yuneec Breeze with 4K camera.

    See also DJI SPARK selfie mini drone with HD camera in action by clicking on the video below:

  • Mini Drones

    In this section we have gathered our entire range of mini drones with and without camera. Our collection of mini drones includes popular drone brands such as Parrot mini drones, Elfie mini drone or Eachine mini drones with camera.

    See also DJI SPARK mini drone with camera in action by clicking on the video below:

  • Underwater/Marine Drones

    We now introduce underwater drones and fishing drones

    We now also offer underwater and fishing drones with 4K camera. We are authorized dealer of the market's leading underwater and fish drones from PowerVision. We are now introducing PowerVision's revolutionary PowerRay underwater drones with 4K camera; PowerRay Explorer, PowerRay Angler and PowerRay Wizard.

    The drones can be used for fishing or underwater images and video. The PowerRay underwater drones and fishing drones can advantageously revolutionize the way we fish, as well as the way photographers and cinematography are performed underwater.

  • Termiske droner
  • Mikro droner under 250...
  • Indoor practise drones
  • Toy drones

  • Agricultural drones

    DJI AGRAS MG-1S agricultural drone streamlines and minimizes costs in the agricultural sector

    The use of the drones in agriculture is now about to come true. The primary factors for using drones in agriculture, for example, by spraying pesticides, are the increased effect screening and the accompanying cost savings the drone technology entails. Benefits are obvious from an economic and operational point of view.

  • Gaming Drones