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Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...
Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro -...

Startpack with C-Fly Faith 2 Pro - Foldable GPS mini drone with 4K / 30fps, 20MP, 5KM range & 35 min. flight time

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C-Fly Faith 2 Pro - Foldable GPS mini drone with 4K / 30fps

This starter kit comes with an extra battery (2 in total) and storage bag for the drone.

Faith 2 Pro is C-Fly's latest foldable mini drone and comes i.a. with a razor-sharp 4K / 30fps camera with Ambarella A12.1 / 3 "CMOS Sony sensor, 3-axis mechanically stabilized gimbal, GPS / GLONASS, brushless motors, as well as intelligent follow me (the drone can follow and film you) and waypoints (the drone flies automatically planned route.) The drone can be easily controlled by both beginners and experienced drone pilots. With Faith 2 Pro you do not have to worry about running out of battery quickly, as the drone comes with an 11.4V 3100mAh Lipo 3S battery which gives you up for a full 35 minutes flight time.

With Faith 2 Pro, you get one of the best drones on the market in its price range, which is packed with features that until now have only been reserved for drones in more expensive price ranges. The Faith 2 Pro also comes with a sleek remote control as well as a storage bag. The closest competitor to this drone is the DJI Mini 2 but with the Faith 2 Pro you get the same features for only a much lower price.


With C-Fly Faith 2 Pro you get, among other things:

✔ 4K / 30 fps camera

✔ 20MP stills

✔ Ambarella A12.1 / 3 "CMOS Sony sensor

✔ Up to 5KM range

✔ 3-axis stabilized mechanical gimbal

✔ GPS / GLONASS double mode

✔ 35 minutes flight time

✔ Foldable and portable drone

✔ Intelligent follow me

✔ Waypoints

✔ Brushless motors

✔ Real-time image transmission

✔ Supports JPEG / JPEG + DNG / RAW

✔ Optical flow positioning

✔ 5G wifi picture transmission

✔ Storage bag


4K / 30 fps and 20MP camera with 1/3 "CMOS Sony sensor

The new C-Fly Faith 2 Pro comes with a razor-sharp 4K / 30 fps camera with Ambarella A12.1 / 3 "CMOS Sony sensor that shoots crystal clear videos in 4K / 30FPS and still images in 20MP!

This is revolutionary for a drone in this price range, as one usually has to go up in larger and more expensive drone classes to get similar specifications.

Also see an example shot with C-Fly Faith 2 mini drone in the video below:


Brushless motors

The C-Fly Faith 2 Pro is equipped with brushless motors, which makes the drone more efficient than similar drones in the same price range that usually come with brushed motors.

Brushless motors are typically 85-90% efficient, while brushed DC motors are about 75-80% efficient.

This difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by the engine is converted into rotational power and less is lost as heat. You therefore get a drone with more efficient engines as well as more durable than other drones in the same price range that are usually equipped with brushed engines.


GPS + GLONASS positioning

Faith 2 comes with GPS + GLONASS positioning which makes the drone's flight skills very accurate and ensures a smooth and stable flight.

Mini drone med 4K

Long flight time of up to 35 minutes

The C-Fly Faith 2 Pro comes with a powerful 11.4V 3100mAh Lipo 3S battery which gives the drone lots of strength and power and a long flight time of up to 35 minutes / battery. We always recommend extra batteries so you have plenty of flying time to get the right shots in the box.

Foldbar mini drone med 4K kamera

Foldable and transportable drone

The Faith 2 Pro is collapsible and can easily be carried on holiday or on the go when you need to shoot the best moments of your life.

Mini drone med lang rækkevidde

Long range up to 5KM

Faith 2 comes with one of the industry's longest ranges of up to 5KM, which ensures that you can take your video and photo adventures out on brand new discoveries.

Mini drone med follow me

Intelligent follow me (the drone can follow and film you automatically)

The drone comes with a lot of useful features such as the popular follow me function, which means that the drone can automatically follow and film you and your best moments.

Mini drone med waypoints

Waypoints (draw a route the drone must follow and film automatically)

In addition to follow me, the drone will, among other things. also with other features such as "waypoints", which means you can draw a predetermined route the drone should automatically fly and film completely automatically.

Mini drone med 3 akset gimbal

3-axis stabilized mechanical gimbal

Faith 2 is equipped with a 3-axis stabilized mechanical gimbal which ensures stable videos and still images.

Free storage bag

This package also includes a delicious storage bag so you can easily store and transport Faith 2 Pro with you on holiday or on the go.

Faith 2 mini droneJJRC-X16-Mini-Drone-6K-2111.png

The package includes:

1 x Faith 2 Pro drone

1 x remote control

2 x 11.4V 3100mAh Lipo 3S battery

1 x Storage bag

4 x Propeller

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Screwdriver

1 x User manual in English

1 x Storage bag

Review and test of C-Fly Faith 2 Pro




Unfold:185.9 x 260 x 74mm (LxWxH)

Fold:171.5 x 96.4 x 74mm (LxWxH)


280 mm

Weight (Battery & Propellers Included)

Approximately 518g (with 3-axis gimbal)

Max Ascent Speed


Max Descent Speed


Max Speed

43km/h in Sport mode without wind

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level

5000 m

Max Total Travel Distance

21.5 km

Operating Temperature Range


Satellite Positioning Systems


Hover Accuracy Range

vertical: +/- 0.5 m ± 0.2 m (ultrasonic system,optical flow system works) horizonal: +/- 1.5m ± 0.3 m (Ultrasonic system,optical flow system works)

Operating Frequency

5745-5825 GHz/2.4MHz

Maximum flight height

120mmaximum 500m (need to change setting on app)



Ambarella A12,1/3" CMOS SONY;

Image Size

5120x3840 (20MP)

Video Recording Resolution

3840 x 2160

Maximum Video Bit

60 Mbps

Supported File Systems

FAT32(<=32GB) /exFAT(>32GB)





Supported SD Cards

Micro SD™ Max capacity: 128GB. UHS-I Speed Grade 3 rating required

Operating Temperature Range


Optical flow system

Optical flow system


Operating Environment

Surface with clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux > 15)

Velocity Range

≤1.5 m/s at 6.6 ft (2 m) above ground

Altitude Range


Ultrasonic altitude system

Ultrasonic altitude system


Operating Environment

except for surface of water or ground of absorbing material (such as thick carpet)

Velocity Range

≤ 3m/s

Altitude Range


3-axis gimbal


3-axis (pitch:+30/-120°roll:± 35°,course:±30°)

Controllable Range

pitch: -90°~0°






Battery Type

LiPo 3S


35.34 Wh

Net Weight

Approximately 196 g

Charging Temperature Range


Max charging power


charge time

<5h(with 5V 2A adapter)


Mobile App

C-Fly 2/Enjoy Fly 2

Live View Quality


FPV transmission distance

3000m unobstructed, free of interference

Required Operating Systems

Android 6.0 above, IOS 9.0 above



5V, 2A(recommend)


4.35V 0.7Ax3


Operating Frequency


Max Transmission Distance

Horizonal:200m,vertical:120m, Unobstructed, free of interference

Max Speed


Max Ascent Speed


Max Descent Speed



Operating Frequency

5.8 GHz

Max Transmission Distance

FCC:3000 m CE:500m, unobstructed, free of interference

Operating Temperature Range


Transmitter Power (EIRP)

FCC:≤26 dBm CE:≤14 dBm SRRC: <=20dBm

Operating Current/Voltage

300-500ma @ 3.7V

Supported Mobile Device Size

Thickness Supported:6.5-8.5mm Max length: 80mm

Battery capacity(built-in)

3.7v 2600 mAh

Battery type

LiPo 18650 1S

Battery power

9.62 Wh

Port types




Maximum charge power


Charge time

< 3h(with 5V 2A adapter)

Faith 2 Black startpack
2 Reviews

Lækker drone og stor værdi for små penge
Er yderst tilfreds med dette køb og tak til Droneland.dk for en ekseptionel god service!

Overraskende god drone
Dronen flyver virkelig godt og tager nogle utroligt flotte billeder og video i 4K/30 fps og 20MP samt mulighed for RAW/DNG. Kan klart anbefales til prisen

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